Examples of recent courses

Examples of recent courses

Examples of recent courses

Teaching for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

We're always interested in offering new and innovative courses, workshops, and special events to our members. OLLI instructors represent a broad range of formal education and life experience. The faculty includes individuals with no college degree and those with a Ph.D. It includes active and retired educators, skilled artists, and sophisticated enthusiasts, as well as community members who are experts in a particular subject. Some members teach in areas entirely different than their professional expertise, as they expand their knowledge base with post-retirement passions. Members may be students in one class and the instructor or facilitator in another.

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Does OLLI Pay Instructors?

Potential instructors often ask this question. The answer: Until this year OLLI-UHM classes have been taught primarily on a volunteer basis. Beginning with the Spring 2018 semester instructors will be offered a modest honorarium of $50 per week in acknowledgement of their contribution of knowledge, time, and talent to OLLI.

Considering the caliber of our instructors we attract, we know that the honorarium is not a significant contribution to their overall financial wellbeing. In fact instructors who "need" the money are most often not a good fit for OLLI. The best instructors are those whose motivation for teaching involves a passion for their subject area and a desire to share that with others. They come to find that the real and significant value of teaching at OLLI is the experience of teaching and interacting with OLLI students who are engaged learners and who bring lifetimes of experience to the classroom.

Many instructors regard teaching for OLLI as community service or outreach for their University department, organization, or profession and choose to waive the honorarium. Just as many OLLI members volunteer their time, talent, and knowledge to create an ever-improving OLLI program, so do its instructors.

If an instructor chooses, the honorarium can be paid in transferrable gift certificates valid for future OLLI classes and membership. Some instructors choose to waive it altogether.

In addition to the honorarium, OLLI offers instructors a discounted OLLI membership, photocopying privileges, parking support, and access to University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa resources such as libraries by providing a UH Visiting Colleague ID.